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  1. À la recherche d'un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context (Edition 1.1)

    Amy L. Hubbell

    À la recherche d'un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context (Edition 1.1)

    À la recherche d’un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context is designed to develop students' vocabulary and cultural knowledge in preparation for working in an international environment. Exceeding the need to learn business structures and practices, most students need business communication skills, including advanced cultural competency. To meet these needs, À la recherche d’un emploi uses authentic materials from Québec and France. Communicative exercises are reality based and task oriented, encouraging a student-centered classroom. The numerous activities in the text elicit natural language use, facilitate vocabulary acquisition, and provide students ample opportunities to create relevant and personalized documents in French. In addition to completing viewing activities from feature-length films and online resources, students examine their personal goals and assess their strengths and weaknesses as they develop a job portfolio. À la recherche d’un emploi promotes learning valuable crossover skills that develop students' French-language aptitude, while also preparing them for the job market in their own country. Edition 1.1 includes a number of corrections as well as updates reflecting changes in French business culture.

     An electronic (PDF only) instructor's resource manual is available to qualified instructors who have adopted A la recherche d'un emploi, Edition 1.1 for their course. Click here to request a copy.

  2. À Table ! (Second Edition)

    Becky A. Brown

    À Table ! (Second Edition)

    Intended for intermediate or advanced students of French, À Table ! The Food Culture of France is a content-based cultural text centered around the cuisine of France and various French-speaking cultures. Organized like a French menu, each chapter includes prose, poetry, film references, and recipes, together with vocabulary, grammar points, and exercises. This second edition of À Table ! features a redesigned full-color interior to reflect the richness and color of French food culture and history. The author has also added questions for reading comprehension and has expanded and rearranged select readings to give the text a more coherent organization. A chronological arrangement of chapters, along with a variety of food-related sources, encourages a comprehensive yet flexible approach to learning French language and its cultural contexts. Course instructors: A PDF-only instructor's manual is available to qualified instructors who have adopted À Table ! (Second Edition) as a required course text. The PDF instructor's manual may be requested here by completing the instructor materials request form.

  3. Caderno de Produção, Corrected Edition

    Patricia Isabel Sobral and Clémence Jouët-Pastré

    Caderno de Produção, Corrected Edition

    Caderno de Produção is an integral and interactive companion to Mapeando a Língua Portuguesa através das Artes, providing additional innovative exercises for each chapter of the textbook. Throughout each unit, all of which are in Portuguese, students will build their speaking, writing, and comprehension skills with exercises in vocabulary, grammar explanations and structures, additional readings, and videos featuring interviews and images from well-known artists of the Portuguese-speaking world, (the videos are available here at no charge). Course instructors: Request the Caderno de Produção workbook answer key here.

  4. Cineplex

    Reinhard Zachau, Jeanne Schueller, and Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez


    Cineplex: Intermediate German Language and Culture Through Film is a communicative textbook for second-year German-language courses that uses engaging, authentic cultural materials: feature films from Germany. Each of the ten chapters in Cineplex focuses on a contemporary, critically-acclaimed film—on highly motivational topics ranging from the West-German student movement to the German Democratic Republic to Turkish-German migrants to the Holocaust—that appeals to the needs of intermediate learners and their understanding of German-speaking culture. Designed for today's student, Cineplex is more than just a textbook—it is a space in which students can 'meet' the people of Germany through the big screen and experience German language and culture as it is performed in context. Course Instructors: click here request the electronic (PDF) instructor's manual for Cineplex.  For clips from the films covered in Cineplex visit Reinhard Zachau's German Film Website.

  5. El cine documental: Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film

    Tammy Jandrey Hertel and Stasie Harrington

    El cine documental: Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film

    El cine documental is an innovative intermediate/advanced textbook that provides students with the tools needed to communicate accurately and appropriately in Spanish. Learning is centered on cultural themes related to thought-provoking documentaries from around the Spanish-speaking world. Through the culturally rich and linguistically authentic medium of documentary film, El cine documental provides the experience of listening to many varieties of authentic speech in context, and stimulates conversation and critical thinking by immersing students in the target cultures. Organized to provide scaffolding for students as they develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, each chapter includes five sections: Ver, Leer, Escuchar, Escribir, and Expandir.

    An online workbook for El cine documental is also available, click here for more information about the online workbook. Click here for information about where to watch, rent, or purchase the documentary films covered in the textbook. Click here to request the PDF instructor's manual.

  6. German for Reading (Second Edition)

    Karl C. Sandberg and John R. Wendel

    German for Reading (Second Edition)

    German for Reading presupposes no previous acquaintance with German and can be used with equal effectiveness by graduate students in the arts and sciences who are preparing to pass a reading knowledge examination, or by undergraduates who are beginning to deal seriously with the problems of reading. Its programmed format permits it to be used either as a classroom text or by individuals working on their own. The second edition builds on strengths of the first while updating outdated terminology, removing terms and phrases no longer in use, and incorporating many revisions made in light of suggestions from readers.

  7. La culture francophone

    Astrid A. Billat and Bénédicte M. Boisseron

    La culture francophone

    La culture francophoneLe monde à l’écoute is an innovative textbook designed for intermediate to advanced French courses that aim to introduce the Francophone world and its cultures in an authentic context. From Africa to the Caribbean, to Quebec, to Europe, it explores selected Francophone histories and geographies through a multitude of fascinating avenues, including: lively overviews of French-speaking countries, regions, or populations; excerpts of classic Francophone texts; discussions of prominent Francophone films (films not included, but readily available from numerous vendors), culinary dishes, music, public figures, vignettes of everyday life, and more. An array of engaging exercises offer rich opportunities to build language skills, as students become active participants in both language learning and Francophone culture itself. North American Rights Only

    Click here for additional online audio resources and the index of songs covered in the book. Click here to see the list of films covered in La culture francophone and information about where to watch the films online or purchase DVDs and digital download/rentals of the films.

  8. Le Cinéma français contemporain

    Alan J. Singerman and Michèle Bissière

    Le Cinéma français contemporain

    "From Le Dernier Métro to Intouchables, Bissière and Singerman cover the latest trends of French cinema, emphasizing context and analytical method as Singerman did in Apprentissage du cinéma français (Focus 2004). The authors offer a selection of films most French cinephiles will applaud, and they incorporate insights from some of the best critical work on French cinema. Students of French film will also find all the bibliographical pointers they need to dig deeper, and instructors will appreciate the pedagogical components included in the chapters."  —Jonathan Walsh, Department of French Studies, Wheaton College, Massachusetts

    Clips from each film covered in the textbook are available to qualified instructors in a password protected Vimeo collection. Instructors wishing to access clips from the films for course use may request access by using the online form here. (download a PDF of the TOC listing all of the films

  9. Mapeando a Língua Portuguesa através das Artes, Corrected Edition

    Patricia Isabel Sobral and Clémence Jouët-Pastré

    Mapeando a Língua Portuguesa através das Artes, Corrected Edition

    Mapeando a Língua Portuguesa através das Artes is an exciting, comprehensive textbook for intermediate Portuguese courses. Mapeando features interviews, authentic texts, and works of art, all of which serve as springboards for students to express themselves in Portuguese through performance, debate, and communicative exercises. Each of the twelve units is structured around a particular art form, such as photography or literature, and includes three grammar lessons, three original texts, and integrated audio and video activities.  A complementary website featuring streaming video and audio files is available here. Course instructors: Request the Mapeando a Língua Portuguesa através das Artes textbook answer key here (PDF only).

  10. Retratos: Arte y sociedad en Latinoamérica y España

    Margarita M. Sánchez and Katica Urbanc

    Retratos: Arte y sociedad en Latinoamérica y España

    Drawing on authentic cultural materials ranging from thought-provoking artwork to classic literature and short contemporary films, Retratos: Arte y sociedad en Latinoamérica y España offers a fresh and inspired approach to the teaching of advanced Spanish Composition. In each of the eight thematically-organized chapters, these primary source materials provide a "portrait" of an historically or culturally important figure in the Latin American and Spanish worlds, offering students rich opportunities to explore cultural differences, learn grammar in context, and complete writing activities directly related to both their own daily lives and the world around them. North American Rights only.

  11. Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian (Second Edition)

    Jason Merrill and Colleen Lucey

    Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian (Second Edition)

    Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian, Second Edition, offers intermediate and advanced students an ideal opportunity to engage with eight authentic cultural texts of the Russian folkloric tradition. Each transmits a popular tale long beloved by Russians—from The Frog Princess, to Prince Ivan, to Vasilisa the Beautiful, and others—that moreover presents a wealth of linguistic content. The Second Edition builds upon strengths of the First by offering a greater range of pre-reading and post-reading exercises to suit a wider variety of learning styles. Notes and a Glossary offer further aids for comprehension and interpretation. 

    Russian-language audio/video files of each tale may be found on the Russian Folktales title support page here.

  12. Sammelsurium: A Reader and Workbook for Intermediate German

    Franz-Joseph Wehage

    Sammelsurium: A Reader and Workbook for Intermediate German

    A combined reader/workbook for second-year German, Sammelsurium focuses on cultural awareness while building competence in reading, writing, and speaking, and can be used with equal effectiveness as either a supplementary text or as the main reader in a course. Included are thirty-eight brief yet stimulating readings on a wide range of topics of special significance to German culture, each of which offers intermediate-level grammatical constructions and vocabulary. Many readings incorporate a verb-tense exercise, and each reading is accompanied by a separate set of vocabulary as well as an array of comprehension questions and communicative exercises. From the Brothers Grimm to German film—and from fashion to the nightlife of Berlin—Sammelsurium offers something for every taste, while strengthening skills needed by every student of German.

    An electronic (PDF only) instructor's manual for Sammelsurium is available to qualified instructors who have adopted the text for their course, click here to request a copy.

  13. Spanish Grammar: A Quick Reference

    David Wren

    Spanish Grammar: A Quick Reference

    Forthcoming - September 2018

    The 2018 spiral-bound edition of Spanish Grammar: A Quick Reference features an improved layout and design while continuing to offer, in very concise form, the essentials of Spanish grammar. Included are: 1) all general grammar topics and forms, with displays of forms and sample sentences containing them, 2) Spanish verb forms, conjugated in all tenses, and 3) explanations, with sample sentences, of the uses of all Spanish verb tenses.

  14. Un buon affare: Italian for Business

    Giuseppe Tassone

    Un buon affare: Italian for Business

    Designed to prepare students to actively engage in the dynamic world of Italian business, Un buon affare is a versatile textbook aimed at the upper-intermediate level that fosters cultural competency, hones practical communication skills, and cultivates linguistic expertise necessary for making connections in one of the European Union's most important economies. It will also be of great use to professionals conducting business in Italy or with Italian companies.

14 Item(s)

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