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Bryn Mawr Commentaries:


Bryn Mawr Commentaries have been admired and used by Greek and Latin teachers at every level for almost thirty years. They provide clear, concise, accurate, and consistent support for students making the transition from introductory and intermediate texts to the direct experience of ancient literature. They assume that the student will know the basics of grammar and vocabulary and then provide the specific grammatical and lexical notes that a student requires to begin the task of interpretation. Text is included with the Commentary except for Euripides’ Alcestis and Bacchae, Homer’s Odyssey I, VI, IX, Thucydides Book 6, and the New Testament. The volumes in the series are modestly priced and remain in print indefinitely. Bryn Mawr Commentaries were founded by Richard Hamilton of Bryn Mawr College, who is the general editor of the Greek series. Julia Haig Gaisser of Bryn Mawr and James J. O'Donnell of the University of Pennsylvania are general editors of the Latin series. Both series were established with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities; their goal is to enrich the library of texts available for teaching and in particular to include post-classical authors as well as classical ones.

 Hackett Publishing Company is the exclusive distributor of the Bryn Mawr Commentaries in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. All Bryn Mawr Commentaries are listed on our website complete catalog, and may be located by using our standard search features: Topic, Sub-topic, Author, Title, or Editor/Translator.


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