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Restricted Titles:

Portions of titles listed below are excluded from photocopy permission. Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. does not control rights to the entire contents of these books. Please consult the book for proper rights holder information. If you require further information, please contact the Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. permissions department at

  • ADDISS, LOMBARDO, & ROITMAN, Zen Sourcebook
    ADLER & ELGIN, Philosophical Inquiry
    AESCHYLUS, Oresteia
    AMMERMAN, Classics of Analytic Philosophy
    AQUINAS, On Faith and Reason
    AQUINAS, On Human Nature
    ARIEW & WATKINS, Modern Philosophy
    ARIEW & WATKINS, Readings in Modern Philosophy, Vol. 2: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz
    ARISTOPHANES, Aristophanes I: Clouds, Wasps, Birds
    ATHERTON, Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period
    AZUELA, Underdogs
    BAILIN & BATTERSBY, Reason in the Balance
    BILLAT & BOISSERON, La Culture Francophone
    BROWN, Arthur Mervyn
    BURKE & HUMPHREY, Nineteenth-Century Nation Building and the Latin American Intellectual Tradition
    CAHN, Classics of Western Philosophy
    CAREY, Protests in the Streets
    CARRASCO & SESSIONS, Daily life of the Aztecs: People of Sun and Earth
    COHEN, CURD, & REEVE, Readings in Ancient Greek Philosophy
    DALY & TROFIMOV, Russia in War and Revolution, 1914–1925
    DALY & TROFIMOV, The Russian Revolution and Its Global Impact
    DARWIN, On Evolution
    DELAPP, Lying and Truthfulness
    DEVRIES & TRIPLETT, Knowledge, Mind, and the Given
    DEWEY, Dewey & His Critics
    DEWEY, Political Writings
    DILLON & GERSON, Neoplatonic Philosophy
    DOSTOEVSKY, Grand Inquisitor
    EISENACH, Social and Political Thought of American Progressivism
    FINOCCHIARO, The Trial of Galileo: Essential Documents
    GALILEO, The Essential Galileo
    GARCILASO DE LA VEGA, Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru
    GARLAND, Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks
    GANDHI, Selected Political Writings
    GORDON, The Rise of Islam
    GORDON, Shackles of Iron
    GORMALLY, Euthanasia
    GUAMAN POMA, The First New Chronicle and Good Government
    GUIGNON, The Good Life
    GUIGNON & PEREBOOM, Existentialism
    HACKETT READINGS IN PHILOSOPHY: Certainty, Equality, Free Will, God, 2nd Ed., The Good Life, The Idea of Race, Justice, Life & Death, Reality, Time
    HAMMOND, HARDWICK, & LUBERT, Classics of American Political and Constitutional Thought, 2-vol. set
    HARDIN, Color for Philosophers
    HARRINGTON & HERTEL, El cine documental: Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film
    HARRISON, Making & Thinking
    HERODOTUS: Histories
    HSIA, Matteo Ricci and the Catholic Mission to China, 1583–1610
    HOMER, Odyssey
    HUGHES, Philosophical Companion to First-Order Logic
    HYMAN & WALSH, Philosophy in the Middle Ages
    KANT, Lectures on Ethics
    KENDRICK, The Fifth Kingdom
    KING, Reformation Thought
    KING, Renaissance Humanism
    KLINE & IVANHOE, Virtue, Nature and Moral Agency in the Xunzi
    LANE, Daily Life in the Mongol Empire
    LANE, Genghis Khan and Mongol Rule
    LANG, Philosophical Style
    LEMMON, Beginning Logic
    LINDSAY, Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World
    LIU & IVANHOE, Essays on the Moral Philosophy of Mengzi
    LLOYD, Magic, Reason and Experience
    LLOYD, Polarity and Analogy
    LLOYD, Science, Folklore and Ideology
    LOEWE, Everyday Life in Early Imperial China
    MAHOWALD, Philosophy of Woman
    MALEBRANCHE, Philosophical Selections
    MALPASS, Daily Life in the Inca Empire
    MARX, Selected Writings
    MATTHEWS, Scientific Background to Modern Philosophy
    MATZ, Daily Life of the Ancient Romans
    McGINNIS & REISMAN, Classical Arabic Philosophy
    MILLER & LUCEY, Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian
    MORICK, Challenges to Empiricism
    MORGAN, Classics of Moral & Political Theory
    MORROW, A Workbook for Arguments
    NEUMANN, Lingua Latina: A Companion to Familia Romana
    PAKALUK, Other Selves
    PERRY, Dialogue on Good, Evil and the Existence of God
    PERRY, Dialogue on Personal Identity, and Immortality
    PERRY, Identity, Personal Identity and the Self
    PLATO, Complete Works
    PLATO, Statesman
    POJMAN, Moral PhilosophyREEVE & MILLER, Introductory Readings in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
    REIMER, ZACHAU, & SINKA, German Culture through Film
    RICE, Cinema for French Conversation
    ROSENTHAL, Materialism & the Mind Body Problem
    ROSS, The Right & the Good
    RUSSELL, Problems of Philosophy
    SALMON, Zeno's Paradoxes
    SIDERITS, Buddhism as Philosophy
    SKINNER, Walden Two
    SKINNER, Beyond Freedom and Dignity
    SPINOZA, Complete Works
    SPINOZA, Theological-Political Treatise
    STALLEY, Introduction to Plato's Laws
    STAVIG & SCHMIDT, The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions
    STEINBERGER, Readings in Classical Political Thought
    SWANTON, Freedom
    TANNER, China: A History
    TASSONE, Un buon affare: Italian for Business
    TERESA OF AVILA, The Book of Her Life
    THAYER, Pragmatism: The Classic Writings
    TRZASKOMA, Anthology of Classical Myth
    THAYER, Meaning & Action
    WANG, Images of Women in Chinese Thought and Culture
    WITTGENSTEIN, Philosophical Occasions
    WOOTTON, Modern Political Thought
    YOUNG, Quest for Harmony
    ZINN, New Deal Thought
    ZUCKER, The Political Thought of African Independence