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Screenwriting - Film

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  1. French Cinema: The Student's Book

    Alan J. Singerman

    French Cinema: The Student's Book

    French Cinema: A Student's Book is an introduction to French cinema, in English. This text includes the history of the origins of French film, an explanation of how to analyze a film, a lexicon of French cinema terms, and an analysis of 17 major masterpieces of French filmmaking. A parallel French version of this text, Apprentissage du cinema francais, is also available, so the same course can be taught to students of French culture as well as students of French language.

  2. Practical Screenwriting

    Charles Deemer

    Practical Screenwriting

    Practical Screenwriting is a structured guide for the novice screenwriter that provides exercises in writing as well as practical guides to analyzing major films in ways that will provide insight into the screenwriting process. It is, first and foremost, a guide to writing clean, crisp, clear scripts that will get read in the crowded contemporary marketplace.

  3. Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen

    Michael Wright

    Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen

    "Few people live as passionately in the world of writing as Michael Wright, and this exploration of the sensory dimension of creativity enhances any discussion of dramatic writing. Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen through its clever use of a series of 'etudes' invites us into the close-to-the-bone world of human experience on its most intimate level. What we smell, taste, hear, see and feel takes center stage here. Mr. Wright challenges us to create characters as complex as we ourselves are—both celebrants and victims of our own senses. His book evokes the lushness of every human life and reminds us that all great characters (like ancient cities) are composed of layers and layers of their own experience."
         —Lee Blessing, Playwright, A Walk in the Woods, Eleemosynary

3 Item(s)

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