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Playwriting Reference

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  1. A More Perfect Ten

    Gary Garrison

    A More Perfect Ten

    A More Perfect Ten is a revision of Gary Garrison's pioneering book on writing and producing the 10-minute play, and it is now the most authoritative book on this emerging play form. The 10-minute play has become a regular feature of theatre companies and festivals from coast to coast, and Garrison has distilled the advice of many of those people who had been instrumental in promoting the ten minute play for the last few years.

  2. Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference

    Dawson Moore and Laura Gardner

    Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference

    This excellent book contains 64 monologues designed specifically for auditions where the actor desires exciting monologues that are fresh and unfamiliar. The monologues are catalogued by gender and age. These monologues were selected from the Last Frontier Theatre Conference monologue workshop. The Last Frontier Conference is one of the longest running theater conferences of its kind. It has been held every year in Valdez, Alaska for the last 20 years.

  3. New Play Development

    Lenora Inez Brown

    New Play Development

    "This is a book for dramaturgs of new work, but it is also a particularly effective book for anyone working on new plays: playwrights, directors, producers, even actors. Lenora skillfully dissects the process of workshopping new writing, and clearly defines the roles for all involved. I learned not only how to make a new play workshop more effective, but how to approach my writing and my directing, and how to meaningfully collaborate with others in this unique process. This is a necessary handbook for anyone working on new plays today."
         —Anne Marie Cammarato, Director

  4. Playwriting in Process (Second Edition)

    Michael Wright

    Playwriting in Process (Second Edition)

    "Here is a book that acknowledges that the most difficult aspect of writing in a play is not the lack of a clear formula, but rather the lack of a process that offers structure without impeding inspiration. Michael Wright’s self-proclaimed ‘anti-how-to’ book is a rare and wonderful gem. His etudes offer a practical road map to the intangible heart and soul of the creative impulse; reminding us that writerly muscles must regularly bend, expand and breathe. With this new edition, Mr. Wright truly takes us to the next level, including ‘call-outs’ that invite the writer to actively engage the world-at-large as a part of his/her writing process. This is far more than a book of exercises. It is an invitation to focus on the process of writing, rather than the product."
         —Jeni Mahoney, Artistic Director, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (id Theater)

  5. Playwriting Master Class (Second Edition)

    Michael Wright

    Playwriting Master Class (Second Edition)

    Playwrighting Master Class is a book for the active playwright. It explores the process of playwrighting, the evolution of the play as the playwright engages with it, and the choices the playwright makes in creating the play. Through the use of a number of case studies of playwrights engaged in writing and rewriting plays, Wright focuses on different individual approaches to their work, fostering their own unique visions and voices as a means of helping the working playwright find her or his own voice. 

  6. Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen

    Michael Wright

    Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen

    "Few people live as passionately in the world of writing as Michael Wright, and this exploration of the sensory dimension of creativity enhances any discussion of dramatic writing. Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen through its clever use of a series of 'etudes' invites us into the close-to-the-bone world of human experience on its most intimate level. What we smell, taste, hear, see and feel takes center stage here. Mr. Wright challenges us to create characters as complex as we ourselves are—both celebrants and victims of our own senses. His book evokes the lushness of every human life and reminds us that all great characters (like ancient cities) are composed of layers and layers of their own experience."
         —Lee Blessing, Playwright, A Walk in the Woods, Eleemosynary

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