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Dramaturgy - Theatre

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  1. Art of Active Dramaturgy

    Lenora Inez Brown

    Art of Active Dramaturgy

    "This is the first real text, the first real primer for how to be a dramaturg in a variety of settings—from production to new plays. It takes a student from a close reading (really directing that reading) to formulating questions, to meeting with directors, playwrights, designers, to formulating acting packets and finally to opening night. I don't think any other book on the market does such a complete job with such research and in such a great format."
          —Mark Charney, Clemson University

  2. New Play Development

    Lenora Inez Brown

    New Play Development

    "This is a book for dramaturgs of new work, but it is also a particularly effective book for anyone working on new plays: playwrights, directors, producers, even actors. Lenora skillfully dissects the process of workshopping new writing, and clearly defines the roles for all involved. I learned not only how to make a new play workshop more effective, but how to approach my writing and my directing, and how to meaningfully collaborate with others in this unique process. This is a necessary handbook for anyone working on new plays today."
         —Anne Marie Cammarato, Director

  3. The Process of Dramaturgy

    Scott R. Irelan, Anne Fletcher, and Julie Felise

    The Process of Dramaturgy

    The Process of Dramaturgy: A Handbook offers a series of workable strategies and practical exercises meant to develop and improve the skills needed during the practice of production dramaturgy. This innovative text was created for students, emerging dramaturges, directors and designers.

3 Item(s)

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