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Classics of Spirituality

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  1. Consolation of Philosophy

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Joel C. Relihan

    Consolation of Philosophy

    "Entirely faithful to Boethius' Latin; Relihan's translation makes the philosophy of the Consolation intelligible to readers; it gives equal weight to the poetry—in fact, Relihan's metrical translation of Boethius' metra are themselves contributions of the first moment to Boethian studies. Boethius finally has a translator equal to his prodigious talents and his manifold vision."
         —Joseph Pucci, Brown University

  2. On the Inner Life of the Mind

    Edited, with commentary, by Robert Meagher

    On the Inner Life of the Mind

    Both an anthology of Augustine’s writings and a commentary on them, this work features substantial selections from On the Trinity, Confessions, The City of God, and On Freedom of the Will, as well as selections from lesser known works—all brilliantly knit together and illuminated by philosopher Robert Meagher.

  3. The Essential Augustine
  4. The Essential Plotinus

    Translated by Elmer O'Brien, S.J.

    The Essential Plotinus

    The Essential Plotinus is a lifesaver. For many years my students in Greek and Roman Religion have depended on it to understand the transition from antiquity to the Middle Ages. The translation is crisp and clear, and the excerpts are just right for an introduction to Plotionus’s many-layered view of the world and humankind’s place in it.”
         —F. E. Romer, University of Arizona

  5. The Inner Chapters

    Translated, with Commentary, by A. C. Graham

    The Inner Chapters

    "Graham’s study and translation of the Zhuangzi remains one of the most valuable and important sources for students of Zhuangzi’s thought. The Introduction is remarkably rich, and the combination of philological care and philosophical insight that Graham brings to the text make this the most philosophically revealing and productive translation available.”
         —Philip J. Ivanhoe, Boston University 

  6. The Journey of the Mind to God

    Translated by Philotheus Boehner, O.F.M.
    Edited, with Introduction, by Stephen F. Brown

    The Journey of the Mind to God

    The Hackett edition of this classic of medieval philosophy and mysticism—a plan of pilgrimage for the learned Franciscan wishing to reach the apex of the mystical experience—combines the highly regarded Boehner translation with a new introduction by Stephen Brown focusing on St. Francis as a model of the contemplative life, the meaning of the Itinerarium, its place in Bonaventure’s mystical theology, and the plan of the work. Boehner’s Latin Notes, as well as Latin texts from other works of Bonaventure included in the Franciscan Institute Edition, are rendered here in English, making this the edition of choice for the beginning student.

6 Item(s)

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