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Ancient Greek

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  1. Apologies

    Plato & Xenophon
    Translated, with Introduction and Glossary, by Mark Kremer


    "Kremer's is an attractive text because of its combination of simplicity and strong delivery, and this is true regarding his translation and his interpretive essay alike. He has striven for a scrupulous accuracy in his translation, and he has achieved this without sacrificing readability or neglecting the distinctive tone of Plato and Xenophon."
         —Norma Thompson, Yale University

  2. Greek Religion: A Sourcebook

    Valerie M. Warrior

    Greek Religion: A Sourcebook

    "Warrior's text fills a long-acknowledged void for teaching Ancient Religion. There is no real alternative. The best recommendation for her book comes from my students, who voted her Greek and Roman Sourcebooks their favorite texts in my Greek and Roman Religion course." —Randall M. Colaizzi, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Boston

    "I am currently using Valerie M. Warrior’s Greek Religion: a Sourcebook and her Roman Religion: a Sourcebook for my class on Paganism. They are absolutely outstanding, in terms of the selection, the range of topics, and the level of detail provided. I will keep using these as long as I keep teaching the class (I hope for decades!). I would recommend them to anyone. Perfect to supplement a class based mainly on lectures, and to get students digging into the real sources of our knowledge and engaging with them." —Jack Mitchell, Department of Classics, Dalhousie University

  3. Homeric Hymns (Ruden Edition)

    Translated by Sarah Ruden
    Introduction and Notes by Sheila Murnaghan

    Homeric Hymns (Ruden Edition)

    "Sarah Ruden's translation is clear, lean, intelligent, and delightfully readable. The notes provide guidance without encumbering the text. This will be marvelous for classroom use, for reading aloud, or simply for reading for pleasure."
         —Pamela Gordon, Department of Classics, University of Kansas

3 Item(s)

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