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Aesthetics & Literary Theory

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  1. Guide To Aesthetics

    Benedetto Croce
    Translated by Patrick Romanell

    Guide To Aesthetics

    Croce’s Guide presents one of the clearest and strongest defenses of the intuitive nature of art in Western philosophical thought.

  2. Hippias Major

    Translated, with Commentary, by Paul Woodruff

    Hippias Major

    Published with the assistance of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

  3. On Poetry and Style

    Translated by G. M. A. Grube

    On Poetry and Style

    Contains the Poetics and the first twelve chapters of the Rhetoric, Book III.

  4. On the Musically Beautiful

    Eduard Hanslick
    Translated, with Commentary, by Geoffrey Payzant

    On the Musically Beautiful

    "Like Hanslick, Professor Payzant is both musician and philosopher; and he has brought the knowledge and insights of both disciplines to this large undertaking."
         —Gordon Epperson, Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism

  5. Poetics (Janko Edition)

    Translated by Richard Janko

    Poetics (Janko Edition)

    Richard Janko’s acclaimed translation of Aristotle’s Poetics is accompanied by the most comprehensive commentary available in English that does not presume knowledge of the original Greek. Two other unique features are Janko’s translations with notes of both the Tractatus Coislinianus, which is argued to be a summary of the lost second book of the Poetics, and fragments of Aristotle’s dialogue On Poets, including recently discovered texts about catharsis, which appear in English for the first time.

  6. Poetics (Sachs Edition)

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, Joe Sachs

    Poetics (Sachs Edition)

    "I find the Introduction extremely convincing, lucid, learned, fair to past scholarship, and truly illuminating about the meaning of tragedy in general and about the very specific acceptions of hamartiakatharsis, ekplêxis, and thauma, in the context of an appropriate understanding of the Poetics. Another remarkable feature is the dexterity and ease with which it draws on all the relevant parts of the Aristotelian corpus to shed light on troublesome textual passages in the Poetics. Finally, the style of the Introduction is straightforward, free of unnecessary jargon, direct, and economical, the best interpretation of the Poetics I ever read." —Sabetai Unguru, Tel Aviv University

  7. Two Comic Dialogues: Ion and Hippias Major

    Translated by Paul Woodruff

    Two Comic Dialogues: Ion and Hippias Major

    Together these two dialogues contain Plato’s most important work on poetry and beauty.

7 Item(s)

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