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Russian Literature

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  1. Russian Folktales

    Jason Merrill

    Russian Folktales

    A new edition of Russian Folktales is now available, released in November 2016, click here for more information about the new edition.

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  2. Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian (Second Edition)

    Jason Merrill and Colleen Lucey

    Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian (Second Edition)

    Russian Folktales: A Reader for Students of Russian, Second Edition, offers intermediate and advanced students an ideal opportunity to engage with eight authentic cultural texts of the Russian folkloric tradition. Each transmits a popular tale long beloved by Russians—from The Frog Princess, to Prince Ivan, to Vasilisa the Beautiful, and others—that moreover presents a wealth of linguistic content. The Second Edition builds upon strengths of the First by offering a greater range of pre-reading and post-reading exercises to suit a wider variety of learning styles. Notes and a Glossary offer further aids for comprehension and interpretation. 

    Russian-language audio/video files of each tale may be found on the Russian Folktales title support page here.

  3. Russian Poetry Reader

    Maria Swiecicka-Ziemianek

    Russian Poetry Reader

    This book covers a selection of Russian poems from ca. 1752-1956 with a special emphasis on the lyric poetry of the 19th and early 20th centuries, including women writers and even some minor poets.

3 Item(s)

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