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Italian language textbooks

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  1. Ciak . . . si parla italiano: Cinema for Italian Conversation

    Piero Garofalo and Daniela Selisca

    Ciak . . . si parla italiano: Cinema for Italian Conversation

    Ciak si parla italiano is a new text designed specifically for courses in Italian conversation that focus on cinema as the context for discussion. This text covers sixteen films ranging from Pietro Germi's Divorzio all'italiana to Pupi Avati's Il cuore altrove. They cover a broad range of genres: comedy, drama, science fiction, historical, political, social. They are films that students and instructors find interesting and engaging. The readings which accompany each film vary, and augment the film screenings and class discussions. There are five types of readings: background information on the director and film, cultural explications, scene transcriptions, directors comments, and poetry. While the first two serve to orient and contextualize the films for the students, the transcriptions allows for a more detailed linguistic analysis of a particular scene. The directors comments provide an insightful interpretation to stimulate discussion. The poetry readings were inspired by filmic references and inspire students to expand their insights beyond the specific film.

  2. Un buon affare: Italian for Business

    Giuseppe Tassone

    Un buon affare: Italian for Business

    Designed to prepare students to actively engage in the dynamic world of Italian business, Un buon affare is a versatile textbook aimed at the upper-intermediate level that fosters cultural competency, hones practical communication skills, and cultivates linguistic expertise necessary for making connections in one of the European Union's most important economies. It will also be of great use to professionals conducting business in Italy or with Italian companies.

    "An accessible, engaging textbook that serves as an effective introduction to the world of Italian business through interactive pair and small-group activities, while also providing ample opportunities for students to continue developing their listening, reading, and writing skills in Italian. The communicative activities are designed to support students’ continued oral proficiency development and enable them to actively and confidently participate in the world of Italian business. In order to fulfill this objective, many of the activities employed throughout the book are couched within the Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach. It is evident that the content of Un buon affare was meticulously selected, and Tassone provides instructors of Italian for business a great variety of activities to cover in class or assign as homework. Given its many strengths, Un buon affare is sure to actively engage students as they continue refining their Italian language skills while also deepening their cultural knowledge. Offering students and instructors a wealth of resources and interesting activities, this textbook is indeed "un buon affare," a good deal—a bargain, as the author states in the Preface to the Instructor." Christina A. Mirisis, St. Norbert College, in NECTFL Review

    Additional Resources: Additional materials, links of interest, a sample syllabus, and the answer key to the exercises in Un buon affare is available for online reading and PDF download on the Un buon affare title support webpage here.

2 Item(s)

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