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German literature in translation

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  1. German Culture through Film

    Robert C. Reimer, Reinhard Zachau, and Margit M. Sinka

    German Culture through Film

    German Culture though Film: An Introduction to German Cinema, and its companion Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film, provide a flexible means of teaching undergraduate courses in German film. The primary book, German Culture though Film, covers 31 German films in English, and a German language companion volume, Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film, covers 14 films with an emphasis on German language skills.

    A new edition of German Culture Through Film is now available. Click here for information on the new 2nd edition.

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  2. PNG

    Heinrich Von Kleist
    Edited and Translated by David Constantine

    Kleist: Selected Writings

    “If ever a literary work was a sleep of reason, bruised by menacing shapes, it is Kleist’s. He was one of the first of a line of German writers whose inwardness is so intense it seems to dissolve the weak bonds of his society. . . . Even as order and paternalism struggled to assert themselves in the private and public life of the nineteenth century, Kleist was introducing scenes of mob violence, cannibalism, and less than benevolent fathers. . . . David Constantine, a distinguished poet and Germanist, and a translator of Hölderlin, has taken pains to give us a literary Kleist, ‘a writer we cannot do without.’ . . . This book, containing all the stories and three key plays, provides a compelling view of a misfit genius who, in one of his last notes, remarked ‘the world is a strange set-up.’”
         —Iain Bamforth, The Times Literary Supplement

2 Item(s)

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