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German language textbooks

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  1. 1000 Jahre Deutsche Literatur (Second Edition)

    Gudrun Clay

    1000 Jahre Deutsche Literatur (Second Edition)

    "1,000 Jahre Deutsche Literatur does a marvelous job of presenting literary texts within their cultural contexts, including an excellent overview of the history of the German Language from Germanic times to the Enlightenment. Professor Clay's writing style is lively and accessible. The accompanying pedagogical exercises reinforce learning of the material, while also affording opportunities for independent thinking and reflection. This newly-revised edition should be a favorite for students and teachers alike."
       –Dennis Mahoney, University of Vermont

  2. Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film

    Robert C. Reimer and Reinhard Zachau

    Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film

    The second book in a two book series on German film study, Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film covers 14 of the 31 films covered in the first book in the series in German with an emphasis on German language skills. The first book in the series, German Culture Through Film: An Introduction to German Cinema, covers 31 German films in English. 

    For additional film resources visit Reinhard Zachau's German film website.

  3. Berliner Spaziergänge: Architektur, Literatur und Film

    Reinhard Zachau, Margit Sinka, and Rolf Goebel

    Berliner Spaziergänge: Architektur, Literatur und Film

    Berliner Spaziergänge: Architektur, Literatur und Film offers a virtual walk through German history since Berlin in its many historical and architectural districts. The six walking tours in the book are each introduced by a map, which outlines a different Berlin neighborhood. Excerpts from various texts inform students about the neighborhood and time period they represent. Each historical section begins with a description and explanations related to principal Berlin buildings in that neighborhood. The sections also provide summaries, excerpts, interpretations, and exercises about literary texts that explore the neighborhood.

  4. Cinema for German Conversation

    Jeanne Schueller

    Cinema for German Conversation

    Cinema for German Conversation covers twelve German language films that are used as the basis for discussion and language acquisition, teaching vocabulary, strengthening oral and written skills, and as well as an introduction to modern German culture. The films are selected to provide interesting viewing, key cultural information, and accessible language levels. Each chapter of the book is devoted to a single movie and includes aids for students watching the film, discussing and writing about the film, and understanding the film in a broader cultural context. An electronic (PDF only) instructor's manual for Cinema for German Conversation is available to qualified course instructors who have adopted the text for their course. To request a copy, click here.

  5. Cineplex

    Reinhard Zachau, Jeanne Schueller, and Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez


    Cineplex: Intermediate German Language and Culture Through Film is a communicative textbook for second-year German-language courses that uses engaging, authentic cultural materials: feature films from Germany. Each of the ten chapters in Cineplex focuses on a contemporary, critically-acclaimed film—on highly motivational topics ranging from the West-German student movement to the German Democratic Republic to Turkish-German migrants to the Holocaust—that appeals to the needs of intermediate learners and their understanding of German-speaking culture. Designed for today's student, Cineplex is more than just a textbook—it is a space in which students can 'meet' the people of Germany through the big screen and experience German language and culture as it is performed in context. Course Instructors: click here request the electronic (PDF) instructor's manual for Cineplex.  For clips from the films covered in Cineplex visit Reinhard Zachau's German Film Website.

  6. Cineplex Workbook

    Reinhard Zachau, Jeanne Schueller, and Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez

    Cineplex Workbook

    The Cineplex Workbook is an essential companion to Cineplex: Intermediate German Language & Culture through Film, providing additional exercises for each chapter of the textbook that help students build reflexes in the German language. Exercises target vocabulary and grammar acquisition, as well as general comprehension. Useful for classroom or lab periods, for homework assignments, or for individual study and practice. Identify problem areas and track progress. An electronic answer key, for qualifying instructors, is also available, as is the complete, online, autocorrecting version of the Workbook, made available as part of the Cineplex Online Courseware. Course Instructors: click here to request PDF instructor materials for the Cineplex workbook and textbook. Click here to visit Reinhard Zachau's German film website for clips from the films covered in the textbook and additional resources on German film.

  7. Deutsche Literatur im Kontext, 1750-2000

    Waltraud Maierhofer and Astrid Klocke

    Deutsche Literatur im Kontext, 1750-2000

    "I find this an ideal introductory textbook for students of German literature. The material included provides an excellent overview of German literature since 1750 by embedding it in a cultural-historical context and clearly explaining the literary, cultural, and historical concepts involved. The copious exercises provide opportunities for students to organize their knowledge, engage in textual analysis, and expand their understanding of the interrelationships of literature and culture."
        —Margaret K. Devinney, Director, German Program at Temple University

  8. Four German Stories

    Ruth H. Sanders

    Four German Stories

    Four German Stories is a German language collection of postwar and contemporary stories, written by German and Austrian writers, and focusing on family life. The stories are arranged in order of increasing complexity for vocabulary, syntax, style, topic and approach. The text includes footnotes for difficult or idiomatic phrases, an extensive glossary for most words found in the stories, and pre- and post-reading discussion questions.

  9. German for Reading (Second Edition)

    Karl C. Sandberg and John R. Wendel

    German for Reading (Second Edition)

    German for Reading presupposes no previous acquaintance with German and can be used with equal effectiveness by graduate students in the arts and sciences who are preparing to pass a reading knowledge examination, or by undergraduates who are beginning to deal seriously with the problems of reading. Its programmed format permits it to be used either as a classroom text or by individuals working on their own. The second edition builds on strengths of the first while updating outdated terminology, removing terms and phrases no longer in use, and incorporating many revisions made in light of suggestions from readers.

  10. Geschäftsdeutsch (Edition 1.1)

    Franz-Joseph Wehage and Gudrun Clay

    Geschäftsdeutsch (Edition 1.1)

    Geschäftsdeutsch introduces the students to the language of business German. It is foremost a language book, with the goal of increasing the students’ knowledge and interest in Germany’s national and global economy. Edition 1.1 includes a number of corrections as well as updates reflecting changes in German business culture. A companion website offers extra detail for all chapters and interactive activities with several audio/video assignments. The website also provides many links—chapter by chapter—for a semester project. Course Instructors: An electronic (PDF) instructor's manual and electronic (PDF) instructor's test bank are available for qualified instructors who have adopted the text for their course. Click here to request the instructor materials.

  11. Literary Heimat

    Sonat Hart and Barbara Jurasek

    Literary Heimat

    ". . . a most valuable project. It will provide a much-needed tool to college and university professors who teach courses on minority literature in general; however, most notably Jewish German and Austrian culture."
          —Dagmar C.G. Lorenz, University of Illinois at Chicago

  12. Sammelsurium: A Reader and Workbook for Intermediate German

    Franz-Joseph Wehage

    Sammelsurium: A Reader and Workbook for Intermediate German

    A combined reader/workbook for second-year German, Sammelsurium focuses on cultural awareness while building competence in reading, writing, and speaking, and can be used with equal effectiveness as either a supplementary text or as the main reader in a course. Included are thirty-eight brief yet stimulating readings on a wide range of topics of special significance to German culture, each of which offers intermediate-level grammatical constructions and vocabulary. Many readings incorporate a verb-tense exercise, and each reading is accompanied by a separate set of vocabulary as well as an array of comprehension questions and communicative exercises. From the Brothers Grimm to German film—and from fashion to the nightlife of Berlin—Sammelsurium offers something for every taste, while strengthening skills needed by every student of German.

    An electronic (PDF only) instructor's manual for Sammelsurium is available to qualified instructors who have adopted the text for their course, click here to request a copy.

12 Item(s)

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