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Familia Romana Latine Audio Files

Familia Romana Latine audio album - available in ecclesiastical or classical pronunciation. These readings are also streamed in our Familia Romana Online Essentials Courseware.


If you have already purchased Familia Romana Latine (Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation) audio files and are interested in using the audio files at your institution, please contact for more information about a free annual site license.


LL_ecclEcclesiastical Pronunciation: Familia Romana Latine audio album, ecclesiastical pronunciation, allows students to listen to Hans Orberg’s Familia Romana in this engaging performance of the book using ecclesiastical pronunciation. The Latine Audio: Ecclesiastical Pronunciation album includes 33 tracks covering chapters 1–33 of Familia Romana, Hans Orberg’s premiere textbook for learning Latin via the Natural Method. The characters in the book are all read with different voices, helping students immerse themselves in this instructive, engaging book. Produced and read by Patrick Owens and his colleagues in the Classics Department at Wyoming Catholic College.


The ecclesiastical pronunciation album is available for purchase (MP3 download) at: Amazon.comiTunesand CD Baby.



LL_classical_proClassical Pronunciation: The Familia Romana Latine audio album, classical pronunciation, consists of thirty-one MP3 files, available for download. Each file consists of an audio recording pertaining to a chapter in Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Pars 1: Familia Romana. The readings are all in the restored classical pronunciation, read by Hans Ørberg. All chapters are included except for the last four, which Hans Ørberg never recorded.


The classical pronunciation album is available for purchase (MP3 download) at:, iTunes and CD Baby.