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El cine documental - Documentary Films and Sources:

Links to stream or purchase/rent the films covered in El cine documental are listed below. Sources for documentary films can change. We will post any revisions to the following list as we become aware of them. If you find that a listed link no longer works, or if you come across additional sources for any of the films, we would be grateful if you would contact us at marketing @

Instructor resource: click here to download a list of additional films related to the theme of each chapter in El cine documental.

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1. América Latina y el Caribe: Riqueza viva

Watch directly on YouTube here:

Also available on Vimeo:



2. Rumbo a las grandes ligas / Road to the Big Leagues

 Watch directly on YouTube here:

 Also available to rent or purchase at:



3. Por qué quebró McDonald’s en Bolivia / Fast Food off the Shelf

Watch directly on YouTube here:, here:, or here:



4. La mina del diablo / The Devil’s Miner

Watch directly on YouTube here:

Also available to rent or purchase on iTunes. The DVD is available for purchase on Amazon.



5. ¿Cuál es el camino a casa? / Which Way Home?

Available to rent or purchase at:

  • Amazon (DVD purchase, or free streaming with Docudrama subscription)
  • iTunes
  • Vudu (Digital rental or purchase)



 6. Nuestros desaparecidos / Our Disappeared

Spanish version: Watch for free on Vimeo here:

English version: Watch for free on Vimeo here:



7. La Sierra

Watch direclty on YouTube here:

Also available to rent or purchase at:



8. Nosotras. centroamericanas

Nosotras centroamericanas is a documentary film written and directed by Unai Aranzadi, and produced by Independent Docs in 2011. It is available here by permission of Unai Aranzadi and may not be reproduced, shared, or disseminated in any way. To watch Nosotras centroamericanas in full screen click here and use the 'full screen' option in the bottom right corner of the media player.


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