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De Anima (Reeve Edition)

De Anima (Reeve Edition)

Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by C. D. C. Reeve

Forthcoming - September 2017
Series: The New Hackett Aristotle

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Cloth 978-1-62466-620-9
Paper 978-1-62466-619-3

Quick Overview

Series: The New Hackett Aristotle

Forthcoming - available for pre-order, pre-orders will ship when the book is released in September 2017.


Forthcoming - available for pre-order, pre-orders will ship when the book is released in September 2017.

De Anima is the fourth volume in The New Hackett Aristotle series. The series features new translations, with Introductions and notes, by C. D. C. Reeve, Delta Kappa Epsilon Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Comments on other titles in the The New Hackett Aristotle series:

On Politics: A New Translation:

"David Reeve's new translation of the Politics is certain to become the primary and indispensable tool for anyone undertaking a careful study of Aristotle's great work. Newcomers to this treatise as well as advanced scholars will learn enormously from the Introduction, extensive notes, and detailed index."
     —Richard Kraut, Northwestern University

On Metaphysics:

"C. D. C. Reeve adds to his already remarkable series of translations of Plato and Aristotle another stellar accomplishment: a full translation of Aristotle's daunting Metaphysics. He has managed to present Aristotle's often ungainly Greek into perfectly flowing English syntax without sacrificing the core meaning of the text. Any translator of Aristotle will recognize what an impressive achievement this is. All readers will benefit from the over 1,600 explicative notes accompanying the translation: Reeve has a discerning eye for determining what requires amplification for the purposes of understanding and an admirable gift for saying just as much as needs to be said in order to achieve it."
     —Christopher Shields, George N. Shuster Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

On Nicomachean Ethics:

"C. D. C. Reeve's masterful new translation of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics will become a classic: it is clear and readable; its interpretive implications are far-reaching; it is philosophically illuminating. Reeve's scholarly notes—with detailed textual cross-references to the rest of Aristotle's works—integrate the ethics with the metaphysics, the politics, and the philosophy of mind. The book is an invaluable resource, useful to students and scholars alike."
     —Amelie Rorty, Tufts University and Harvard Medical School