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Greek Grammar, Prose Composition, & Reference

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  1. A Primer of Greek Grammar

    Evelyn Abbott & Edwin Mansfield

    A Primer of Greek Grammar

    This is a reprint of a classic primer that introduces the complete range of Greek grammar through short explanations and grammatical examples and includes both accidence and syntax.

  2. A Student Handbook of Greek and English Grammar

    Robert Mondi and Peter L. Corrigan

    A Student Handbook of Greek and English Grammar

    A Student Handbook of Greek and English Grammar offers a student-friendly comparative exposition of English and ancient Greek grammatical principles that will prove a valuable supplement to a wide range of beginning Greek textbooks as well as a handy reference for those continuing on to upper-level courses.

  3. Greek Paradigm Handbook

    Erik Geannikis, Andrew Romiti and P.T. Wilford

    Greek Paradigm Handbook

    This is a handy pocket reference of morphological forms for Classical Greek and places the parts of speech in charts/tables for quick reference. This is designed to serve as a source for drill and memorization for students learning Greek. Coil binding makes it possible to lay the book flat or fold it back for easier reading.

  4. Greek Prose Composition

    Selected and Edited by M.A. North & A.E. Hillard

    Greek Prose Composition

    Focus Edition of the classic British text, including original typesetting. Standard Greek, including all common words and constructions, special vocabularies, a general vocabulary, irregular verbs, a list of prepositional phrases, and more. Course Instructors: An electronic (PDF) answer key available to qualified course instructors who have adopted this text for their course, (not available for sale to students). If you have adopted this text, click here to request a copy of the answer key.

  5. Homeric Dictionary

    Georg Autenrieth

    Homeric Dictionary

    A Greek language reference of Homeric terms and allusions for students of Greek at the third and fourth year of study, the Homeric Dictionary features the most common 9,000 words used in the Iliad and Odyssey, with grammatical forms and illustrations.

  6. Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition

    Selected and Edited by A. Sidgwick

    Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition

    This reprint of the classic text contains brief explanations of Greek grammar as they pertain to various aspects of writing and usage, numerous exercises that cover issues in accidence, syntax and idiom and also allow for discussion of Greek grammar in relationship to English usage.

  7. The Verb 'Be' In Ancient Greek

    Charles H. Kahn

    The Verb 'Be' In Ancient Greek

    “It is great news that this book is available again. It deserves to be better known, both for its pioneering methods of linguistic analysis and for the results to which they lead. It transforms our understanding of the all-important Greek verb ‘to be.’”
         —Myles Burnyeat, All Souls College, University of Oxford

7 Item(s)

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