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Greek Commentaries

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  1. Greek Tragedy: A First Reading

    Nicholas Baechle

    Greek Tragedy: A First Reading

    Greek Tragedy: A First Reading is an intermediate to advanced textbook that includes selections from the Electra plays of both Euripides and Sophocles. It is designed to provide students with a structured access to reading interesting Greek at the advanced level, and as it appears in works of Greek tragedy. It provides a careful introduction to the language of tragedy, Greek poetry as found in Electra, and to the nature and forms of Greek tragedy. The book focuses on material relevant for translation and understanding the unique form of drama through translation.

  2. Lysias: Selected Speeches

    Commentary, with Introduction and Vocabulary, by Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox

    Lysias: Selected Speeches

    This text is a commentary in the original Greek, with an introductory essay, notes, a complete vocabulary and an introduction to how to use the resources in the Perseus Digital Library. The speeches in this text (1, 2, 3, 4, and 24) show the best and worst of Classical Athens, from tawdry affairs aired in the law courts to Athens' heroic self-image portrayed in the Funeral Oration.

  3. Plato's Euthyphro & Clitophon

    Commentary with Introduction, Glossary, and Vocabulary, by Jacques A. Bailly

    Plato's Euthyphro & Clitophon

    Text in Greek with extensive commentary in English, including a general introduction, and introductions to each of the two texts, appendices, glossary, and vocabulary. The Euthyphro and the Clitophon provide an ideal, exciting introduction to Plato and Greek prose. Even a student fresh out of introductory ancient Greek can expect to finish these works within a semester, because the Greek of the Euthyphro is clear and easy to follow, but not overly simple.

  4. Thucydides Reader: Annotated Passages from Books I-VIII of the Histories (Second Edition)

    Edited by Blaise Nagy

    Thucydides Reader: Annotated Passages from Books I-VIII of the Histories (Second Edition)

    Annotated and illustrated, Focus Classical Commentary’s Thucydides Reader contains passages from Books I-VIII of the Histories with introductory material, commentary, and grammatical notes for each of the eight books. An easy-to-reference, complete glossary—new to the second edition—is also included. Thucydides Reader is well suited for a course in Intermediate Greek, as well as for secondary school students who want to tackle the works of a popular but challenging author. This book is a standard text for any college course in reading Thucydides in Greek.

4 Item(s)

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