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Ten Speeches

Translated by James E. G. Zetzel

2009 - 376 pp.

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Ten Speeches

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The ten speeches in this volume illustrate Cicero's entire career and exemplify all the major contexts for his oratory: before the senate, the people, and the courts. They illuminate the major political crises of Cicero's time and offer portraits of many of the major political figures. Several of these speeches also shed light on the most important cultural and literary debates of the late Republic.

James Zetzel's general Introduction discusses Cicero's public life; the social, political, and cultural contexts of his speeches; and the challenges of translating them into modern English. This edition also includes an introduction to each speech, a section on Roman institutions and offices, a chronological table, maps, a bibliography, and a biographical index.





• Against Verres: On the Theft of Works of Art


• In Support of Manilius’ Law


• Second Speech against Catiline


• In Defense of Lucius Murena


• In Defense of the Poet Archias


• In Defense of Marcus Caelius


• Against Lucius Calpurnius Piso


• On Behalf of Marcus Marcellus


• Fourth Philippic Oration against Antony


• Ninth Philippic Oration against Antony



"This volume is a most welcome and much needed resource for the classroom, and a marked improvement over the Penguin editions of Cicero's selected speeches and selected political speeches, which it should supersede.  A very well-chosen selection of speeches, accurately and fluidly translated, and handsomely produced.  I especially appreciate the inclusion of clear maps and the section "Roman institutions and offices" which should prove especially useful for students."
     —Amanda Wilcox, Williams College



"Zetzel's translation of ten speeches by Cicero is a welcome addition for anyone interested in the works of Cicero or late Republican history.
     "The short Introduction presents the reader with a concise overview of Cicero's life and the milieu in which the speeches were written. . . . followed by a brief and very clear summary of Roman Institutions and Offices, which includes a description of Roman nomenclature, public offices, and political institutions. . . . The individual introductions preceding each translation are succinct and useful guides to the topics and issues surrounding each speech. . . . The translations themselves are clear and readable.
     "Together, these ten speeches deliver an overview of some of the most significant moments of the late Republic.  This volume is an excellent guide to the events of this period but also, and perhaps more importantly, to Cicero himself.  This translation gives students of Cicero a window into his life and his beliefs.  It presents his wit, humor, and style in an engaging way that should appeal to many modern readers."
     —Alison Jeppesen, University of Calgary



James Zetzel is Anthon Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in the Classics Department at Columbia University.

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