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Complete Works

Edited by John M. Cooper
Associate Editor D. S. Hutchinson

1997 - 1,838 pp.

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Cloth 978-0-87220-349-5

Complete Works

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Outstanding translations by leading contemporary scholars—many commissioned especially for this volume—are presented here in the first single edition to include the entire surviving corpus of works attributed to Plato in antiquity.  In his introductory essay, John Cooper explains the presentation of these works, discusses questions concerning the chronology of their composition, comments on the dialogue form in which Plato wrote, and offers guidance on approaching the reading and study of Plato's works.

Also included are concise introductions by Cooper and Hutchinson to each translation, meticulous annotation designed to serve both scholar and general reader, and a comprehensive index.  This handsome volume offers fine paper and a high-quality Smyth-sewn cloth binding in a sturdy, elegant edition.


"This is clearly the definitive edition in English of the Platonic writings. It replaces completely the Hamilton-Cairns collection. . . . The notes are at just the right level, and the index is very helpful.  The translations are both readable and accurate. They are always reliable, and in most cases the best available.  It is the one volume of Plato every student of philosophy will want at her or his side."
     —Michael D. Rohr, Rutgers University


"The most important publishing event in Platonic translation is the Complete Works edited by Cooper and Hutchinson. . . . Hackett has lavished great care in the production of this volume: fine India paper, elegant typography, sewn binding, and cloth boards. . . . It should be in every library and on the shelves of all lovers of Plato."
     —Steven J. Willett, Syllecta Classica


"The edition is a vast improvement over the Princeton/Bollingen edition, the former standard.  Congratulations on a fine work!"
     —Christian K. Edemeyer, Columbia University


"It is hard to imagine how this English translation of Plato's Complete Works could be improved upon. A century may pass before it has a rival.  Its editors and translators deserve the highest praise."
     —David K. Glidden, University of California at Riverside


"Il s'agit d'une édition sans égale qui procure un outil de travail indispensable pour le chercheur averti mais aussi pour 'amateur de la philosophie."
     —Pavlos Kontos, Revue Philosophique de Louvain



John M. Cooper is Henry Putnam University Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University.





Editorial Notes.

Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, trans. G. M. A. Grube.

Cratylus, trans. C. D. C. Reeve.

Theaetetus, trans. M. J. Levett, rev. M. Burnyeat.

Sophist, trans. N. White.

Statesman, trans. C. J. Rowe.

Parmenides, trans. M. L. Gill and P. Ryan.

Philebus, trans. D. Frede.

Symposium, Phaedrus, trans. A. Nehamas and P. Woodruff.

Alcibiades, trans. D. S. Hutchinson.

Second Alcibiades, trans. A. Kenny.

Hipparchus, trans. N. Smith.

Rival Lovers, trans. J. Mitscherling.

Theages, trans. N. D. Smith.

Charmides, Laches, trans. R. K. Sprague.

Lysis, trans. S. Lombardo.

Euthydemus, trans. R. K. Sprague.

Protagoras, trans. S. Lombardo and K. Bell.

Gorgias, trans. D. J. Zeyl.

Meno, trans. G. M. A. Grube.

Greater Hippias, trans. P. Woodruff.

Lesser Hippias, trans. N. J. Smith.

Ion, trans. P. Woodruff.

Menexenus, trans. P. Ryan.

Clitophon, trans. F. J. Gonzalez.

Republic, trans. G. M. A. Grube, rev. C. D. C. Reeve.

Timaeus, trans. D. J. Zeyl.

Critias, trans. D. Clay.

Minos, trans. M. Schofield.

Laws, trans. T. Saunders.

Epinomis, trans. R. D. McKirahan, Jr.

Letters, trans. G. R. Morrow.

Definitions, trans. D. S. Hutchinson.

On Justice, trans. A. S. Becker.

On Virtue, trans. M. Reuter.

Demodocus, trans. J. Barnes.

Sisyphus, trans. D. Gallop.

Halcyon, trans. B. Inwood.

Eryxias, trans. M. Joyal.

Axiochus, trans. J. P. Hershbell.

Epigrams, trans. J. M. Edmonds, rev. J. M. Cooper.



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