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A West African Epic of the Mande Peoples

Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by David C. Conrad

From a Performance by Djanka Tassey Condé  


Below is a 10-minute sample recording of Djanka Tassey Condé's performance of the Sunjata epic. This sample begins with a few minutes of quiet conversation as Condé prepares for his performance. Condé then calls for Mamadi Kouyate, his naamu-sayer. Upon hearing Kouyate's reply, Condé delivers the Isalmic blessing and introductory remarks that open David C. Conrad's translation (lines 1-32), introduces some of the epic's principal characters, and launches into the early parts of his narrative.



Recording of Djanka Tassey Condé's 1994 performance provided courtesy of David C. Conrad. All rights reserved.