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Director's Production Notebook

Inspired by the notebooks kept by Samuel Beckett, The Director’s Production Notebook (DPN) is a versatile collection of worksheets, reference materials, tabs, and structured space for journaling and note taking. Whether staging a scene or leading an entire production, student directors benefit from being detailed and organized. From reading a play to recording blocking, the DPN guides and organizes the director throughout the entire directorial process. Notes on how to organize one’s DPN are referenced throughout Michael Wainstein’s stage directing textbook Stage Directing: A Director’s Itinerary.

Because different directors vary in terms of how they organize their productions, the DPN is specially designed to allow for adding, removing, or changing the order of the contents. For student directors, the worksheets and tables that follow may be completed and turned in for a grade. They are also designed to serve as a general outline or handy reference for more experienced directors.

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Stage Directing: A Director's Itinerary - Worksheets (PDF downloads):

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Download forms from Stage Directing to get your DPN started:

Sample Budget Worksheet

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