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Introduction to Latin, Second Edition Online Courseware for Educators:

When you register for Introduction to Latin, Second Edition Online Courseware, we will create an online learning site for just you and your students, where you can view and manage the gradebook, set due dates on activities, upload materials you create, and customize your course (see the Educators Course Guide for more information about the course).

To register, complete the following form to get started. Once we receive your information, we will set up your course and then email you with a notification that it’s ready, information about how to use the course (including how to navigate around the site and begin customizing), and convenient instructions to send to your students so they know where to go and how to sign up and purchase their subscription.

Click here to go the Focus Online Courseware site

* Downoad the Educator's Guide PDF for more information

Pricing: $24.95 per student, per 12-month subscription.

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