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Online Courseware: Frequently Asked Questions:

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Common Courseware Terms Defined

  • Individual Learner: You are considered and individual learner if you are learning a language on your own, and are here to do the online course for further study. You may see this referred to as “IL” on our site.
  • Student: If you are taking a course at a school, college or university or with a homeschool group, and your instructor has sent you to this website to sign up as a requirement for the course you are taking, then we consider you a student.
  • Instructor: You are an instructor if you have two or more students and are having us create a customized course for you via a site license to the online courseware of your choosing.
  • Site License: An instructor is granted a site license to the online courseware allowing them to utilize and customize the course with their classes and students. It requires submitting an online form of information to Focus, and is offered at no cost to the instructor, only the students.
  • Register: Our online courseware site requires that you register your information within the site and create a login/password for your access. You will use this each time you login to the courseware site. We do not sell or use your information for any other purpose.
  • Moodle: Moodle is the name of the software/platform that is behind our online courseware site. It is very similar to another common online courseware platform called, “Blackboard”.
  • Online Courseware: Extra materials related to particular books available online at our courseware website. It could be audio, video, exercises or readings designed in a course format to use either in conjunction with the printed book(s), or entirely digitally using a combination of the online site’s content and an eBook version of the texts. It is online because you visit a web URL to access the information.
  • Paypal: This is the preferred method of payment for anyone purchasing access to the online courseware. E-Checks are also accepted within the site for payment. If you experience issues paying online, please contact us for other options.


My teacher told me to come here and sign in to their course, how do I find my class and section?

Your instructor should have provided to you a direct link to their course. If they did not, follow these steps:

2.) Click on the appropriate book cover related to your course.
3.) Under the term "Registration" you will see the sentence, "If you are an enrolled student, please choose your school's course from the list of schools."

The list of schools will be a link listing all available courses, from that list you choose your instructor's course and your section number.


I signed up as an individual learner, and realized I wasn't in the course with the rest of my classmates, now what do I do?

Please contact Customer Service, (customer @ We can move you into the right course. We may either have to credit you or send you an invoice for more money if there is a difference in cost.


I am just learning on my own and would like to sign up for the online courseware to use myself, what is the first step?

The first step is to visit and click on the appropriate link to the course you are interested in. You will then need to register (create a login/pw) and pay for access to the course.


Where do I pay for access to the online courses, at or

You must pay here: via paypal. If you are having difficulty paying, please contact Customer Service.


I am an instructor and I am interested in using the online courseware for my students and my class, how do I do that?

You need to obtain what we call, a "site license". It is at no cost to you as the instructor. Start by filling out the appropriate form related to the course of interest:

Once we get your form of information, we will start the process of creating your customized course.


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