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The Nyāya-sūtra

The Nyāya-sūtra

Selections with Early Commentaries

Translated, with Introduction and Explanatory Notes, by Matthew Dasti and Stephen Phillips

Forthcoming - September 2017

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Cloth 978-1-62466-617-9
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Examination 978-1-62466-616-2

Quick Overview

Forthcoming - available for pre-order, pre-orders will ship when the book is released in September 2017.


Forthcoming - available for pre-order, pre-orders will ship when the book is released in September 2017.

This book contains select translations of the Nyāya-sūtra with the commentaries of leading Nyāya philosophers. Its motivations lie in the recognition that no large-scale awareness of the richness of Indian philosophy can occur unless Nyāya and the other schools can be taught effectively to undergraduates and read by non-specialists. While much good work has been done on Nyāya in the last half-century, there remains a need for an accessible translation of the central portions of the Nyāya-sūtra together with the best of the commentaries.
     Within Indian literature, sūtra texts are comprised of short, aphoristic statements that encapsulate the core teachings of a particular tradition of thought. A student who memorized all the 528 sūtras of the Nyāya-sūtra would have the school's entire worldview at her fingertips. Commentaries are meant to unpack and elucidate the ideas that are condensed into sūtras. It is likely that commentaries were oral at the time of the sūtra-maker, who is named Gautama (c. 150 CE or earlier), and continued to be orally transmitted during the first centuries of the tradition. Later they were written down, with the commentary by Vātsyāyana as the oldest we have extant (c. 450).
     —From the Introduction



Acknowledgements, Bibliographical Preface, Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Knowledge Sources
  • Chapter 2: Doubt and Philosophical Method
  • Chapter 3: In Defense of the Real
  • Chapter 4: Self
  • Chapter 5: Substance and Causation
  • Chapter 6: God
  • Chapter 7: Word and Object
  • Chapter 8: The Right and the Good
  • Chapter 9: Debate

Appendix A: Outline of the Nyāya-sūtra

Appendix B: List of Sūtras Translated by Chapter

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms