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The Tale of Cupid and Psyche

Translated, with Introduction, by Joel C. Relihan



A Reader's Commentary on Cupid and Psyche

By Joel C. Relihan, based on his translation.

Copyright © 2009 Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.

This conversational commentary does not attempt to replace the detailed commentaries of Kenney 1990 or of Zimmerman et al. 2004, both of which must be consulted by anyone wishing to study Cupid and Psyche in depth. It seeks only to provide curious readers with a set of questions and observations, to draw parallels and highlight inconsistencies, and so hopes to direct these readers to the glories of The Golden Ass, the romance that envelops this enigmatic tale.

The reader is reminded of the index at the end of the printed volume and of the online index to the entire Golden Ass, available at  For simple identifications (e.g., Lydian mode) the index, not the notes, should be consulted.


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