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Classical Studies

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  1. Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Book 1
  2. Aristotle: Introductory Readings

    Translated and Edited by Terence Irwin and Gail Fine

    Aristotle: Introductory Readings

    Drawn from the translations and editorial aids of Irwin and Fine's Aristotle, Selections (Hackett Publishing Co., 1995), this anthology will be most useful to instructors who must try to do justice to Aristotle in a semester-long ancient-philosophy survey, but it will also be appropriate for a variety of introductory-level courses. Introductory Readings provides accurate, readable, and integrated translations that allow the reader to follow Aristotle's use of crucial technical terms and to grasp the details of his argument. Included are adaptations of the glossary and notes that helped make its parent volume a singularly useful aid to the study of Aristotle.

  3. Aristotle: Selections

    Translated, with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, by Terence Irwin and Gail Fine

    Aristotle: Selections

    Selections seeks to provide an accurate and readable translation that will allow the reader to follow Aristotle's use of crucial technical terms and to grasp the details of his argument. Unlike anthologies that combine translations by many hands, this volume includes a fully integrated set of translations by a two-person team. The glossary—the most detailed in any edition—explains Aristotle's vocabulary and indicates the correspondences between Greek and English words. Brief notes supply alternative translations and elucidate difficult passages.

  4. Athenian Funeral Orations

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Judson Herrman

    Athenian Funeral Orations

    This volume collects all of the surviving state funeral orations from Athens, including Thucydides, Gorgias, Lysias, Plato Menexenus, Demosthenes, and Hyperides. To stimulate student discussion and comparison, Lincoln's address at Gettysburg is included in an appendix. Translations are in English, including introduction and notes, as well as literary and historical commentary.

  5. Auricula Meretricula

    Ruby Blondell and Ann Cumming

    Auricula Meretricula

    This play is a unique text for students in their first semester of Latin. Each scene uses new forms and vocabulary, thus reinforcing the students' grasp of grammar by placing it in a living context. At the same time it provides an enticing introduction to Roman comedy and elegy. First published in 1981, Auricula was greeted with enthusiasm by students and teachers, and is currently used in many classics departments in the US and elsewhere. This substantially revised edition includes new scenes and characters while reducing the overall quantity of unfamiliar vocabulary.

  6. Bacchae (Esposito Edition)

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Stephen Esposito

    Bacchae (Esposito Edition)

    English translation, with introductory material, notes, glossary and essay by Stephen Esposito, of Euripides' tragedy based on the mythological story of King Pentheus of Thebes.

  7. Bacchae (Woodruff Edition)

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Paul Woodruff

    Bacchae (Woodruff Edition)

    "[Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and forceful. The rhythms are right, ever-present but not too insistent or obvious. It can be spoken instead of read and so is viable as an acting version; and it keeps the lines of the plot well focused. The Introduction offers a good survey of critical approaches. The notes at the foot of the page are suitably brief and nonintrusive and give basic information for the non-specialist."
         —Charles Segal, Harvard University

  8. Boethius Consolatio Philosophiae
  9. By Roman Hands (Second Edition)

    Matthew Hartnett

    By Roman Hands (Second Edition)

    By Roman Hands, Second Edition takes Latin out of the textbook and allows students to see and translate Latin as it actually appeared on Roman monuments, walls, and tombs. The first collection of entirely authentic and un-adapted inscriptions and graffiti accessible to beginning and intermediate students of Latin, By Roman Hands unites the study of language and culture in a novel and compelling way and at a level that the Latin can be grasped and discussed by early Latin learners. Ranging from a love letter hastily scratched on a Pompeian wall to the proclamation of an emperor's achievements formally inscribed on a monumental arch, these carefully selected texts afford fascinating glimpses into the lives and minds of the Romans, even as they illustrate and reinforce the basic elements of the Latin language.

  10. Callimachus: Hymns 1, 2, 5, 6
  11. Callirhoe, Book 1
  12. Charmides

    Translated by T. G. West and G. S. West


    A literal translation, allowing the simplicity and vigor of the Greek diction to shine through.

  13. Cicero De Natura Deorum I
  14. Cicero Pro Archia (Second Edition)
  15. Cicero Pro Caelio
  16. Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis
  17. Civil War

    Translated by Brian Walters
    Introduction by W.R. Johnson

    Civil War

    "Brian Walters has given us what too few translators of classical poetry do—an authorial presence. Here is Lucan himself in all his drastic modes—everything from his enraged indignation to his paradoxical aphorisms—recreating the ruptured Neronian world he lived in as he recounts the nefarious civil war that destroyed the Roman Republic."
         —Stanley Lombardo, University of Kansas

  18. PNG (200 x 260)

    JC McKeown

    Classical Latin: An Introductory Course

    "To all my Latin colleagues: switch to this book! I have taught from half a dozen different Latin texts over the years, and have always wished there was something else I could be using. Finally that something else has arrived! I was pleasantly surprised at its accessibility, liveliness, and clarity. I have used it for two years now at the University of Delaware with great results. It fits extremely well into a two-semester elementary program. Each chapter features clear explanations of a manageable amount of material, with a variety of exercises ranging from simple to difficult, so the instructor can select what to give the students. The most capable students can do more difficult exercises, the average student is challenged but not overwhelmed, and the students with weaker language abilities are able to make it through the language requirement successfully. I have told all my friends in the field to try this book!"
         —Lynn Sawlivich, University of Delaware

  19. PNG (200 x 260)

    JC McKeown

    Classical Latin: An Introductory Course Workbook

    Designed to reinforce JC McKeown's Classical Latin: An Introductory Course, this innovative workbook offers a wide range of exercises, accommodating a wide range of learning styles, to help students master Latin morphology and vocabulary. Included are exercises involving parsing, correcting mistakes, completing sentences by providing the correct inflected word ending, distinguishing words within an unbroken series of letters, recognizing word forms, unscrambling anagrams, and more. A superb supplement to a brilliant Introductory Latin textbook.

  20. Classical Latin: An Introductory Course, Text and Workbook Set

    JC McKeown

    Classical Latin: An Introductory Course, Text and Workbook Set

     "The publication of McKeown's Classical Latin is very exciting. It is going to be fun to teach from! It is thorough yet not pedantic; it covers all the important material in a logical fashion, and it does not have the silliness that is found in some elementary Latin texts. I am planning to adopt it for Elementary Latin (a year course, in which I think McKeown will fit very nicely) the next time I teach the class. It will be a great improvement over the text I have used for years and years."
         —Jane Crawford, Professor of Classics, University of Virginia

  21. Classical Mythology in Literature, Art, and Music

    Philip Mayerson

    Classical Mythology in Literature, Art, and Music

    Originally published in the 1960s, this standard illustrated work covers the gods and heroes of the Classical world, with special emphasis on the influence Classical mythology has had on literature, art and music in Western civilization.

  22. Clouds (Henderson Edition)

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Jeffrey Henderson

    Clouds (Henderson Edition)

    Jeffrey Henderson, noted Greek scholar, has translated into English one of Aristophanes' greatest comedies. Offered with detailed notes and an enlightening introduction, this modern translation brings to life the wit and elegance of the language while putting the text in historical and cultural context.

  23. Clouds (Meineck Edition)

    Translated, with Notes, by Peter Meineck
    Introduction by Ian C. Storey

    Clouds (Meineck Edition)

    "Since the appearance of Sommerstein’s very successful literal translation less than twenty years ago, there have been at least five further new published attempts at rendering the play into English. It is certainly a bold enterprise to introduce yet one more translation onto the scene, but Peter Meineck has risen well to the challenge. The translation is straightforward and idiomatic, as well as well-paced and funny. . . Ian Storey’s Introduction is perfect for undergraduates.” —Max Nelson, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

  24. Complete Poems and Fragments

    Translated by Stanley Lombardo
    Introduction by Pamela Gordon

    Complete Poems and Fragments

    "In this expanded edition of his distinguished Sappho: Poems and Fragments (2002), Stanley Lombardo offers over 100 fragments not included in the original edition, as well as the new poems discovered in 2004 and 2014. His translation of this latter material yields fresh insights into Sappho’s representations of old age, two of her brothers, and her special relationship with Aphrodite. Pamela Gordon’s engaging, balanced, and informative Introduction has been revised to incorporate discussion of the new fragments, which subtly alter our previous understanding of the archaic poet’s corpus. Complete Poems and Fragments also offers a useful updated bibliography, as well as a section on ‘Elegiac Sappho’ that presents the reception of the Lesbian poet in later Greek and Latin elegiac poems. A wonderful find for any Greekless reader searching for a complete and up-to-date Sappho."
         —Patricia A. Rosenmeyer, Department of Classics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  25. Concilium Romarici Montis
  26. Confessions (Second Edition)

    Translated by F. J. Sheed
    Introduction by Peter Brown, Notes by Michael Foley

    Confessions (Second Edition)

    "This translation is already a classic. It is the translation that has guided three generations of students and readers into a renewed appreciation of the beauty and urgency of a masterpiece of Christian autobiography. This is largely because the translator has caught not only the meaning of Augustine’s Confessions, but a large measure of its poetry.  It makes the Latin sing in English as it did when it came from the pen of Augustine, some sixteen hundred years ago. Deeply rooted in the tradition of which Augustine was himself a principal founder, this translation is not only modern: it is a faithful echo, in a language that has carried throughout the ages, of its author’s original passion and disquiet."  —Peter Brown

  27. Consolation of Philosophy

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Joel C. Relihan

    Consolation of Philosophy

    "Entirely faithful to Boethius' Latin; Relihan's translation makes the philosophy of the Consolation intelligible to readers; it gives equal weight to the poetry—in fact, Relihan's metrical translation of Boethius' metra are themselves contributions of the first moment to Boethian studies. Boethius finally has a translator equal to his prodigious talents and his manifold vision."
         —Joseph Pucci, Brown University

  28. Cratylus

    Translated, with Introduction, by C. D. C. Reeve


    “It is. . . remarkable that Reeve’s is the first new English translation since Fowler’s Loeb edition of 1926. Fortunately, Reeve has done an excellent job. His version is not slavishly literal but is in general very accurate. It is also very clear and readable. Reeve is particularly to be congratulated for having produced versions of some of the more torturous passages, which are not only faithful to the text but also make good sense in English. The long and detailed introduction is worth reading in its own right.”
         —R. F. Stalley, The Classical Review

  29. Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks (Second Edition)

    Robert Garland

    Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks (Second Edition)

    Significantly expanded and updated in light of the most recent scholarship, the second edition of Garland's engaging introduction to ancient Greek society brings this world vividly to life—and, in doing so, explores the perspectives and morals of typical ancient Greek citizens across a wide range of societal levels. Food and drink, literacy, the plight of the elderly, the treatment of slaves, and many more aspects of daily life in ancient Greece also come into sharp focus. More than sixty illustrations are included, as are maps, a chronology, a glossary of Greek terms, and suggestions for further reading.

  30. De Anima (Shiffman Edition)

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, Mark Shiffman

    De Anima (Shiffman Edition)

    "Shiffman's fidelity both to Aristotle's text and to opening the complex thought contained therein to the contemporary reader is evident throughout this translation. It neither attempts to resolve difficulty nor drown the reader in obscurity; instead, it invites the reader to puzzle through this magnificent and difficult text herself. The wonderful introduction supplies any number of tools to do so and is a model of the rigorous and restrained articulation of essential themes and contemporary resonances. The glossary contains an indispensable and illuminating discussion of terms. Readable and thought-provoking, this translation is particularly well-suited for the classroom. Students at all levels will benefit from its lucidity and provocation to thought." —Sara Brill, Fairfield University

  31. Einhard Vita Karoli Magni
  32. Electra

    Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Hanna M. Roisman


    This is an English translation of Sophocles' tragedy of Electra, and the vengeance that she and her brother Orestes take on their mother and step father for the murder of their father. This edition also includes an "afterlife" essay that discusses adaptations of the play, as well as touches on other ways Electra has had influence (Jung's identification of the Electra Complex, O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra). Focus Classical Library provides close translations with notes and essays to provide access to understanding Greek culture.

  33. Electra, Phoenician Women, Bacchae, & Iphigenia at Aulis

    Translated, with Notes, by Cecelia Eaton Luschnig and Paul Woodruff, Introduction by Cecelia Eaton Luschnig

    Electra, Phoenician Women, Bacchae, & Iphigenia at Aulis

    The four late plays of Euripides collected here, in beautifully crafted translations by Cecelia Eaton Luschnig and Paul Woodruff, offer a faithful and dynamic representation of the playwright’s mature vision.

  34. Elementary Latin Exercises

    A. E. Hillard and C. G. Botting

    Elementary Latin Exercises

    Designed as an introduction to North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. Presents the beginner with the simplest vocabulary and the most elementary forms of sentence construction. Includes both English-Latin and Latin-English exercises.

  35. Empedocles:  The Extant Fragments

    M. R. Wright

    Empedocles: The Extant Fragments

    “Packed with fresh suggestions and arguments which constitute a major contribution to a difficult and much discussed topic.”
          —Malcolm Schofield, Times Literary Supplement

  36. Empedocles: Fragments
  37. Empire and the Ends of Politics

    Translated, with Introduction and Glossary, by Susan Collins and Devin Stauffer

    Empire and the Ends of Politics

    This text brings together for the first time two complete key works from classical antiquity on the politics of Athens: Plato's Menexenus and Pericles' Funeral Oration (from Thucydides' history of the Peloponnesian War).

  38. Erasmus Stultitiae Laus
  39. Essential Latin Grammar

    Anne Mahoney

    Essential Latin Grammar

    Includes updated sections on the Indo-European language family and on Latin meter, addition of a brief bibliography, and a reorganized index of sources. Suitable for intermediate-level students.

  40. Euripides Alcestis
  41. Euripides Bacchae
  42. Euripides Cyclops
  43. Euripides Electra
  44. Euripides Hecuba
  45. Euripides Helen (2 Vol.)
  46. Euripides Heracles (2 Vol.)
  47. Euripides Heraclidae
  48. Euripides Hippolytus (Second Edition)
  49. Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis (2 Vol.)
  50. Euripides Medea

Items 51 to 100 of 393 total

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