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From Alpha to Omega (Fourth Edition)

From Alpha to Omega (Fourth Edition)

A Beginning Course in Classical Greek

Anne H. Groton

2013 - 540 pp. - Imprint: Focus

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Paper 978-1-58510-391-1
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Quick Overview

A new edition of the bestselling Classical Greek textbook, that combines a traditionally rigorous introduction of Ancient Greek with an encouraging, pleasant, and accessible presentation for today’s modern students. From Alpha to Omega inspires students of Ancient Greek by structuring lessons around manageable selections of actual Ancient Greek writings, beginning with Aesop’s most amusing and curious fables. By the second half of the book, students are able to take on instructive passages from The New Testament, Demosthenes, Xenophon, Thucydides, Lysias, Arrian, Aristotle, and Plato. Course Instructors: An electronic answer key for the textbook (PDF only) is available for qualified adopters. If you have adopted the text, click here to request the answer key.


eBook available for $25.95. Click HERE for more information and purchasing options.

From Alpha to Omega provides an introduction to Classical Greek with an encouraging and accessible presentation for today’s students. Fifty short lessons allow students to master a concept before moving on to the next. Each lesson is accompanied by numerous exercises, as well as manageable selections of Ancient Greek writings (edited in early chapters) from Aesop’s most amusing and curious fables to concise Greek passages from The New Testament, Aristotle, Arrian, Demosthenes, Lysias, Plato, Thucydides, and Xenophon.

The fourth edition retains all of the features that have made it a best-selling introductory Greek textbook, many of them improved or expanded:

  • Balanced, evenly-paced lessons to accommodate various academic schedules
  • Brief readings from Ancient Greek authors
  • Efficient translation exercises
  • Succinct, instructive vocabulary lists
  • Glossary containing all vocabulary words from lessons and readings, both Greek-to-English, and English-to-Greek

Click here to see the complete Table of Contents (PDF). Click here to see a sample chapter (chapter 13, PDF).

Online exercises, audio recordings, video tutorials, and more accompany each chapter in the From Alpha to Omega online courseware, click here for more information about the online courseware.

An Ancillary Exercise Workbook and a Greek reader are also available, see below for more information.


Instructor Resources, Student Resources, and Online Courseware:

  • Answer key for course instructors: An electronic answer key for the textbook (PDF only) is available for qualified adopters. If you have adopted the text, click here to request the answer key. An electronic (PDF) translation key for the reader, Forty-Six Stories in Classical Greek, is also available to course instructors and may also be requsted here.
  • Ancillary Workbook: From Alpha to Omega: Ancillary Exercises, Second Edition by Jon Bruss and Jennifer Starkey. To purchase, or learn more about the ancillary workbook, click here.
  • Ancillary Reader: Forty-Six Stories in Classical Greek by Anne Groton and James May. To purchase, or learn more about Forty-Six Stories in Classical Greek, click here.


About the Author:

Anne H. Groton is Professor of Classics at St. Olaf College, where she has chaired the Department of Classics and directed the programs in Ancient Studies and Medieval Studies.



From Alpha to Omega, Fourth Edition Courseware:

The From Alpha to Omega, Fourth Edition Courseware is an essential online study guide for Anne H. Groton’s bestselling introduction to Classical Greek textbook, From Alpha to Omega, Fourth Edition. Computer-corrected drill activities, audio recordings of the vocabulary and readings from the textbook, and video tutorials reinforce grammatical and syntactical knowledge, operational vocabulary, and oral and written proficiency. The Courseware is tied to each lesson of the textbook and can be accessed at any time, so students can practice what they have learned in the classroom and can work on problem areas. Use the Courseware to supplement use of the printed book or as the core of an online or hybrid course.

  • Available for a 12-month subscription. $19.95 per student. Click here for enrollment options and information.
  • Course Instructors: Click here to register your class for the From Alpha to Omega courseware.

Materials included:

  • Screen Cap Video Tutorials, by Karen Rosenbecker and Brian Sullivan (Loyola University, New Orleans)
  • Streaming video tutorials present key concepts covered in each lesson of From Alpha to Omega to reinforce in-class instruction. These tutorials provide a helpful aid to students after class as they complete their homework assignments, but can be accessed at any time: before class, after class in their study time, even as part of real-time tutoring or collaborative study sessions.
  • Audio Recordings, by David C. Noe (Calvin College)
  • Streaming audio recordings of lesson vocabulary, exercises, and readings allow students to hear and practice pronunciation.
  • David C. Noe’s Guide to Classical Greek Pronunciation, by David C. Noe (Calvin College)
  • Ancillary guide accompanies the audio recordings for From Alpha to Omega. It explains pronunciation rules, provides helpful tips, and offers useful exercises students can do when listening to the audio recordings. Aids student comprehension of Classical Greek pronunciation.
  • Drill Exercises, by Gwendolyn Compton-Engle (John Carroll University)
  • Auto-correcting drill exercises allow students to practice the material in each lesson and get immediate feedback. Scores are stored in a gradebook accessible to teacher for tracking progress, identifying problem areas, and assessment.
  • Link to From Alpha to Omega eBook, by Anne H. Groton (St. Olaf College): Links to the From Alpha to Omega eBook allow for purchase as well as easy linking and launching to the electronic version of the textbook.