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Introductory Readings in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

Edited by C. D. C. Reeve and Patrick Lee Miller
General Introduction by Lloyd P. Gerson

2006 - 496 pp.

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Introductory Readings in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

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A concise anthology for the ancient philosophy survey that ranges from the Presocratics through the Neoplatonists, Introductory Readings in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy features essential selections from C.D.C. Reeve's 2004 translation of Plato's Republic, which casts reported speech into direct dialogue, as well other translations known for their accuracy and accessibility.  Introductions and notes are also included.



C. D. C. Reeve is Delta Kappa Epsilon Distinguished Professor of Philosophy,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Patrick Lee Miller is Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Duquesne University.

Lloyd P. Gerson is Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto.





General Introduction.
Time Line.


[Translations by Richard D. McKirahan, Jr., unless otherwise noted in the anthology]

Milesian Monists (Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes).  Three Iconoclasts (Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans, Xenophanes, Heraclitus).  Eleatic Monism (Parmenides, Melissus, Zeno).  Pluralists (Empedocles, Anaxagoras, Leucippus, Democritus).  The Sophists (Protagoras, Gorgias, Dissoi Logoi, Antiphon, Critias, Anonymus Iamblichi).


Euthyphro [Trans. C.D.C. Reeve].  Apology [Trans. C.D.C. Reeve].  Crito [Trans. C.D.C. Reeve].  Protagoras (excerpts) [Trans. Stanley Lombardo and Karen Bell].  Meno [Trans. C.D.C. Reeve].  Phaedo [Trans. G.M.A. Grube].  Symposium (excerpts) [Trans. Alexander Nehamas and Paul Woodruff].  Republic (excerpts) [Trans. C.D.C. Reeve].  Parmenides (excerpts) [Trans. Mary Louise Gill and Paul Ryan].  Timaeus (excerpts) [Trans. Donald J. Zeyl]


[Translations by Terence Irwin and Gail Fine, unless otherwise noted in the anthology]

Categories 1–5.  De Interpretatione 1–4, 7, 9.  Topics 1.1–2, 5.  Posterior Analytics 1.1–4; 2.19.  Physics 1.1; 2.  De Anima 2.1–4; 3.3–5, 10–11.  Metaphysics 1; 4.1–3; 7.1–3; 12.6–9.  Nicomachean Ethics 1.1–5, 7, 8, 9, 13; 2.1–6; 3.1–5; 5.1–2; 6.1–5, 7, 12; 7.1–3; 10.6–9 [Trans. Terence Irwin].  Politics 1.1–2; 3.6–9; 4.11–12; 7.1–3, 13, 15.


[Translations by Brad Inwood and Lloyd P. Gerson]

Epicurus: Letter to Herodotus, Letter to Menoeceus, Maxims.  Greek Stoics (Zeno, Cleanthes, and Chrysippus).  Cleanthes: Hymn to Zeus.  Pyrrho of Elis.


Cicero: Academica (excerpts), On Fate (excerpts), On the Nature of the Gods (excerpts) [Trans. Brad Inwood and Lloyd P. Gerson].  Lucretius: On the Nature of Things (excerpts) [Trans. Martin Ferguson Smith].  Seneca: On the Happy Life (excerpts) [Trans. Marcus Wilson], Moral Letters to Lucilius (excerpts) [Trans. Marcus Wilson, Brad Inwood and Lloyd P. Gerson].  Epictetus: The Handbook [Trans. Nicholas P. White].  Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (excerpts) [Trans. G.M.A. Grube].  Sextus Empiricus: Outlines of Pyrrhonism (excerpts) [Trans. Sanford P. Etheridge].

Plotinus: Enneads 1.6: On Beauty (complete), Enneads 5.1: The Three Primal Hypostases (excerpts) [Trans. Elmer O'Brien].  Proclus: Elements of Theology (excerpts) [Trans. John Dillon and Lloyd P. Gerson].



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