About Cineplex: German Language and Culture Through Film Online Courseware




Cineplex Courseware is an online ancillary to Cineplex: Intermediate German Language and Culture through Film, a communicative textbook for second-year German-language courses that uses engaging, authentic cultural materials: feature films from Germany. The Courseware follows the structure of the textbook; all the exercises in the textbook marked with the online icon are available in the courseware in online autocorrecting formats for students to practice at home. The Courseware also provides students with the complete content of the printed format of the Cineplex Workbook; after students have completed the lessons in the textbook chapter, they can practice the abundance of Workbook exercises, using the courseware's auto-correction feature to build skills and focus on problem areas. The courseware can be used either to supplement use of the printed book in a traditional course or as the core online component of an online or hybrid course. Accessible via all web-based browsers and iPad. Available for one-year subscription for $29.95.


  • The complete Cineplex Workbook online (includes auto-correcting features that record student scores in a grade book accessible to the teacher).

  • All the exercises from the textbook that are marked with the online icon (with auto-correction).

  • Flash cards for practicing chapter vocabulary in the Wortschatz sections of each chapter.

  • Links to purchase and/or rent the films (must be purchased separately).

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